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Burst of fruity raindrop

That was the sensation as it popped in my mouth – a burst of fruity raindrop.  It splashed with a short-lived squelch and then it was gone.  The pomegranate seed.

For me this is an exotic entity.  Pomegranate never featured in my childhood so it was a fruit that I had never investigated until this weekend.  On Easter Saturday I oogled the salad bar of The Stuffed Olive in Bantry, Co. Cork.  My favourite ever deli.  I have never seen salad made to look more inviting.  I planned to cook morrocan lamb meatballs for dinner that evening and wanted to buy some richly enhanced couscous but this other salad with the pomegranate seeds peeking through couldn’t be resisted.  The grain was quinoa (pronounced keenwah apparently) and along with the pomegranate seeds they had also used pomegranate molasses.  It was perfect with the lamb and I savoured each pop of the seed in my mouth.

Perhaps less exotic but equally tasty at the market in Schull on Sunday we bought some Gubeen smoked cheese and salami, some almond stuffed olives and a jar of our favourite red onion relish – Breheny’s Belish.  Some recent meals have included morrocan lamb meatballs, roast pork with apple sauce, bacon and leek quiche and mexican fajitas spiced up with Rebel Chilli relish and calmed down with a dollop of sour cream.

I’m off to watch The Delicious Ms Dahl – the first episode last week was depressingly beautiful in every way.  After that I’m watching Master Chef as it’s finals week.  Until next time, Sheila