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Good Enough Novel


At last I get to announce the arrival of my debut romantic novel ‘Good Enough.’

Enjoy a feast for the senses as you interactively engage with this story written for the modern world. This novel has a multidimensional existence that the reader can experience and interact with in the virtual world via a variety of social media platforms.

Get a feel for the themes and vibes of each chapter by enjoying the specially curated Instagram reels, Spotify playlist and the blog posts that accompany each chapter.

The book has just been released on Kindle (link to take a peek is here) and the Paperback version will follow shortly.

If you’ve been visiting these pages recently you will have noticed that the last 20 blog posts each are called by a Chapter Name.

Each Chapter in the book has an accompanying blog-post because naturally our heroine Eva likes food and she occasionally cooks!

To view the Recipes & Blog Posts for ‘Good Enough’ the novel – Click the book image above to get to the links for the 20 Chapters.
To get to the Spotify playlist called Good Enough Novel click the icon above
To get to the Instagram Account with the accompanying reels for each Chapter click the icon above

To best enjoy the book I’d firstly recommend a cosy night in, perhaps a fire lighting and maybe the spotify soundtrack on low in the background.

After you’ve read a chapter why not take a look at a reel on instagram, there’s one for each post. Stories on instagram ( @good_enough_novel )will be kept up to date with book news and there will be highlights of the Book Tour and readers hall of fame. I’d love to interact with readers over there too.

xx Sheila

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Chapter 20 (Apple Crumble)

‘Apple Crumble’

You will need:

2kgs of cooking apples
50g caster sugar (for cooking the fruit)
100g plain flour
50g wholemeal flour
50g porridge oats
100g unsalted butter
200g light golden brown sugar
Butter to grease baking dish


Preheat the oven to 170oC/Gas Mark 5.
Core, peel and chop the apples into smallish chunks and cook in a saucepan with a splash of water and the caster sugar over a medium heat until softening (still with a bit of bite and not a pulp). This takes about 5 minutes.
Put the plain and wholemeal flours and the oats into a mixing bowl and chop in the butter.
Use your fingertips to crumble the flour, oats and butter together until it starts to resemble breadcrumbs.
Add the brown sugar and mix well with a fork.
Place the cooked apples in a large greased baking dish and scatter the crumble mixture on top – press it down lightly but do not over-compact it.
Bake for 35–40 minutes.
Delicious on its own, even better with custard or vanilla ice-cream.

After eating a couple of the freshly baked sausage rolls for tea, Eva tucked into a portion of the crumble. Adorned with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream it was delicious.


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Chapter 19 (Mulled Wine)

Time was pushing on and when the caterers arrived Eva set to work helping to prepare a space on a table for mulled wine, vodka and cranberry juice cocktails and another table for the food. Various tasty bites filled large white serving platters. There were delicate cheese straws, canapés of chicken satay sticks, goats cheese and Parma ham wrapped together in crispy pastry and other savouries that included pork and cranberry patties, fig crostini with melted stilton sitting beside an equally appealing array of bite-size desserts.


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Chapter 15 (Toasties)

The kids arrived home at seven and Eva made them all toasted cheese sandwiches. The sandwich-maker was rarely pulled out because it lived at the back of a cupboard hidden behind serving bowls, a cake mixer and lunchboxes. It did make delicious sandwiches though and was worth the rummage. Eva tucked into hers and nearly scalded the roof of her mouth on a slice of tomato as the melted cheese and chopped onion oozed out the sides of the toasted bread.