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Instant Chocolate Ice-Cream

Two ingredient Instant Chocolate Ice-Cream

Chocolate Ice Cream in glass

I’ve seen these creamy, delicious looking ‘ice-cream’ concoctions popping up all over the place recently and particularly via vegan instagrammers all extolling the wonders of the frozen banana.

Following on from this wonderful discovery anytime that I spy a blackening banana I’m popping it straight into the freezer.

Some freeze the banana peeled and sliced, I freeze them whole with skin on. A good knife is required to pare off the frozen skin but then they will slice surprisingly easily.

A good food-processor whips the frozen chunks of banana into a smooth ‘ice-cream’ and it is when it’s beginning to turn creamy that you add in your flavour of choice – mine being a good cacao powder.
Frozen Banana

Peel Frozen Banana

Peeled Frozen Bananas

Chopped Frozen Bananas

Cacao Powder by Nua Naturals

Chocolate ice cream with pecans

You will need:
Frozen Bananas (I used 7)
Cacao powder (I used 4 tbsp)
Pecan nuts to garnish (optional)
Peel and chop the frozen banana.
Blitz in food-processor until almost completely smooth and creamy, at this stage add in your cacao.
Continue to process until well combined.
Serve with a sprinkling of chopped pecan nuts.

{If served immediately it will be delicious but a little soft, if you can wait you can freeze it a little first }
‘Til next time, Sheila.