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Ode to Olympus

If olympus hadn’t fallen you may very well have been salivating over the picture of my daughter’s birthday cake.  A chocolate sponge, sandwiched together with raspberry jam, fresh cream and a smattering of fresh raspberries.  The top weighed down with a chocolate butter icing  combined with a full melted bar of 50% Lindt chocolate and another generous smattering of fresh raspberries and of course 12 pink candles.  And did i mention the raspberry coulis?  Yum.  Rinsed the raspberries and heated them with a tbsp of caster sugar then sieved to a produce a sharply sweet syrup that perfectly accompanied each mouthful of chocolate and cream.  Sublime. 

Alas my trusty digital has bowed out and it’s time to invest in a proper camera.  One that makes proper camera noises and has interchangeable lenses.  I will have to wait until the kids are back to school after Easter until i pay a visit to Denis McSweeney’s photography suppliers in Cork City but until then I will be doing my research.  So far I’ve concluded that the choice will be between Nikon and Canon.

Meanwhile I will be heading to West Cork for the Easter Weekend and paying a visit to Schull’s Farmers Market.  Till next time, Sheila