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I’m Enjoying…. in April 2013

I’m enjoying….

…discovering new Irish made Chocolate.
Wilkies Trio Selection
Not just chocolate, this ‘bean to bar’, beautifully packaged luxury chocolate can be ordered via ‘Wilkie’s Organic Chocolate’
In order to stretch this luxurious experience further I came up with a Chocolate Fruit & Nut Clusters Recipe if you’d like to check that out too.

…getting organised with stylish storage.
Kilner Storage Jar
Well we are well into Spring now so it is time to clear out the presses, decant overflowing packages into jars and generally get a little bit more organised and de-cluttered.  I love the Kilner jars for storing all kinds of ingredients from flour to nuts and dried fruit and the smaller ones can stack up neatly on a shelf.  I particularly like the coloured jar pictured here.  Now what shall I put in that?  Think dark chocolate buttons would look fantastic however they wouldn’t last very long!

…discovering new packaging.
Boilie in PotBoilie Goat's Cheese Pearls
I’ve always loved Boilíe Goat’s Cheese Pearls With Herbs and Garlic Infused Oil and I picked them up in this simple yet beautiful packaging lately.

…experimenting with lazy bread-making.
Caramelised Red Onion Bread with Boilie
Not really great on the old kneading, resting, rising, knocking-back mullarkey – so many things to do – so little time! I’ve always loved the simplicity of a soda bread.  Here I’ve revisited my Granny’s recipe and vamped it up with Caramelised Red Onions.  Amazing.

…adapting super-quick side dishes.
Bulgar Wheat Salad
This bulgar wheat salad can be taken in many directions and you could get quite fanciful with some pomegranate molasses if you pleased, here however I’ve gone after the greenery of a taboulleh with lush fragrant parsley and added that classic combination of mint and peas.  I hope you get time to try it out for yourself.

Talk to you in May! Enjoy, x  Sheila