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So long cookie monster..

The last day of our holiday has arrived and it has begun like many of the others with a trip to Starbucks.  By now I have exhausted the entire pastry menu and opted for a strawberry smoothie to start today.  Of all the places that we’ve eaten while in Orlando, Maggiano’s ( has become our favourite.  Reasonably priced, cooked from scratch, Italian food in a buzzing restaurant that is perfect for catering to large groups or families.  On our third and final visit last night I tried out the Rigatoni ‘D’, this is a trademarked dish and I have yet to figure out what the D stands for and when I googled it for an explanation I couldn’t find any but did discover that Maggiano’s is a chain with many fans and there are lots of copycat recipes out there to experiment with when I get home. (the brocolli was a side dish and not part of the recipe). 

Maggiano’s serve fresh, warm bread in baskets and pour a saucer full of olive oil and a good glug of balsamic vinegar at the table.  When having a dinner party at home I often overlook the  homely comfort of bread in favour of finicky nibbles and bites that take a lot of time to prepare and probably aren’t worth the effort.  Another tip I picked up here was from an Italian chain call Pastamore where they serve their basket of fresh bread with a bowl of warmed olive oil.  I will be trying that out with a sprinkle of oregano at home. 

For now it’s goodbye to Orlando and so long Cookie Monster!  Till next time, Sheila