Pool at Villa Tiboldi
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Asti, Rapallo & Portofino (Sacla Blogger Trip 2012)

 As a guest of Sacla I expected to see basil growing in the fields and to taste some really good food, what I didn't expect was to feel like I was a VIP on holidays.A group of 9 Irish based food writers, bloggers and journalists embarked on what - for me anyway - was a… Continue reading Asti, Rapallo & Portofino (Sacla Blogger Trip 2012)

What's for Dinner Mom?

Pasta alla luce del sole

No, that doesn't mean pasta that is good for the soul but hopefully translates to mean 'Pasta in the light of the sun.'  I've googled it and haven't seen a recipe with this name yet so it's mine, all mine, an original.  2012 is looking like a very exciting year for me with the publication… Continue reading Pasta alla luce del sole