…and we’re back!

Just like that summer’s over & we’re back.  Back to school, work, sport and routine!  Today the ‘Evening Echo’ has published a couple of recipes from my second cookbook ‘Enjoy!’ along with some of my ‘tips’ for back to school.  I did some work on a school lunches table a few years ago which can be useful to print out and stick on the fridge when you’re running blank on lunchbox ideas.  It’s available here and if you’d like to read up on some of my ‘tips’ they’re here.

I’m trying to be more organised myself for the dinners and grocery shopping and implementing a routine in that department too – so far this week we’ve had
Lasagne (from ‘Gimme the Recipe’)
Chicken Casserole (from ‘Gimme the Recipe’)
& today it was Conchigile Pasta (from ‘Enjoy!’)

From my Cookbook Enjoy! Food photography Marta Miklinska

From my Cookbook Enjoy! Food photography Marta Miklinska

But what’s for dinner tomorrow? Who knows! I shopped on Sunday for the Sunday roast and for three days dinners and that’s about all my mind and fridge can cope with in advance.  I’ll be pulling out the recipe books again tonight to write my list for tomorrow.

Top, top, top tip – write a list before you hit the supermarket and try to stick to it!
‘Til next time, Sheila.