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Lemon Pepper Roast Chicken

I have a spice rack/shelf that sits conveniently over my cooker so whatever I’m making for dinner is usually subject to a lash of whatever comes to hand.  Recently Goodall’s of Ireland sent me a selection of their new range of spice rubs and I’ve been grabbing these to vamp up many a meal.
‘Thai red curry’ obviously enough went into a curry.
‘Moroccan Tagine’ was lashed in with beef and tomatoes for a fragrant stew.
‘Argentine Meat Rub’ was sprinkled onto triangles of pita bread with some oil and baked to make delicious dipping chips that I served with sweet chilli sauce.
The spice rubs are salt free and coeliac friendly.
Here I’ve used the Lemon Pepper sprinkled generously onto the skin of the chicken with some oil and I also used it in the thyme and parsley stuffing mix.
Chickens roast
Lemon PepperThere really is no need for a recipe here, just drizzle your chicken with oil, lash on the lemon pepper and roast away as usual for a zestily lemony fragranced roast.
‘Til next time, Sheila