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Will & Kate’s Cake

Never mind the wedding dress, we want to know what the cakes will look like.  What has been revealed is that there will be two cakes.  The first, a traditional layered cake and the second, requested by Prince William, a chocolate biscuit cake.  The traditional cake is being created by Fiona Cairns – The Home of LuxuryBaking.  A visit to Fiona Cairns website reveals the following :

Royal Wedding - Cake Announcement Fiona Cairns

You can get a feel for the detail and artistry that will go into the creation of the cake by visiting her website .  The cake itself will be revealed on the day but some details were given via an article in The Telegraph on 27th March called ‘Royal wedding cake designs revealed.’  The traditional tiered cake will be decorated according to a detailed brief from Kate Middleton.  She has asked for around 16 different blooms and foliage to feature for their meaning – known as “the language of flowers.”  Intricate piping techniques will be used to create scrolls and a Royal cipher (or cypher) which entwines their initials will be revealed on the day. Some of the blooms and foliage set to feature are: a bridal rose symbolising happiness, oak and acorn symbolising strength and endurance, lily of the valley symbolising sweetness and humility and ivy symbolising marriage.
But what of the second cake, what can be revealed about that?
Well a quick trip to the United Biscuits website reveals the following:
“The McVitie’s Cake Company is pleased to confirm that it has been asked to make a Chocolate Biscuit Cake for the wedding reception of Prince William and Catherine Middleton.”
What we know is that it is to be made by McVitie’s using a recipe from Buckingham Palace kitchen chefs.  It is an unbaked chocolate biscuit cake featuring dark chocolate, rich tea biscuits and a couple of ‘secret ingredients’ according to The Telegraph.  However, a quick search reveals a website by Darren McGrady – former Royal chef to Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Diana, Princes William and Harry.  Darren has posted the recipe he used in the Royal kitchens and here is the link to it
What the cakes will look like will remain a mystery until Friday and we can only guess.  I would imagine that Kate’s traditional one will be delicate and pretty and Prince William’s will be humourous and modern.  I recently spied this cake which is a ‘Choccywoccydoodah’ creation and think it looks amazing.


Some other fun Wedding cake creations that I came across recently featured at The Irish Sugarcraft Show held in early April in Cork.
Waiting for the bride

Under the sea

Highland fling
I’ll be glued to proceedings on Friday and I think I’ll just have to give the biscuit cake a go myself.  Best wishes to HRH Prince William of Wales & Kate.
Til next time, Sheila.