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Let the baking begin…

Niall and Denny’s communion is looming and it’s time to get organised.  I’m planning on keeping things as simple as possible to avoid tears (mine) on the day.  The ten-day weather forecast is predicting a big ball of sun and 20 degrees so fingers crossed that it stays that way.

We’ve decided to cater at home and will be having a family lunch of red onion and goats cheese tartlets, beef in red wine hotpot followed by lemon and strawberry cheesecakes that the boys will make the day before.  After lots of jumping on the bouncy castle we will be hosting a bbq for friends and neighbours and I’m keeping the menu simple for that basically burgers, sausages and salads.  Some friends have kindly offered to bring desserts and we’re supplementing that with lots of kid friendly chocolate cupcakes and Joanne’s NY frosted cupcakes.

The boys and their friends are eager to help but more with the eating than the baking.  I’m baking and freezing the cupcakes in advance (un-iced) and hope that icing them the night before will work out.  

Recently I’ve been cooking beef and mushroom stirfry, honey basted bacon and cabbage, chilli con carne, spaghetti meatballs, tomato & red pepper soup.  Till next time, Sheila


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