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‘Pop’ Culture & The Half Portion

Keeping in mind that I am writing this from the fantasy land that is Orlando, my food observations are limited to what’s on offer to a visiting family.  So far we’ve eaten at TGI Friday’s, The Red Brick Oven, Milano’s, Johnny Rockets, Denny’s, IHOP, Laguna Grill at Discovery Cove & Maggiano’s (twice).  We’re having a ball but consuming far too much junk and drinking an obscene amount of soda.  The theme parks offer all-day refillable cups and very limited food choices (hamburgers, fries, fried chicken and salad).

There’s a campaign at home by ‘Safefood’ encouraging people to eat less and telling us that our (Irish) portions have gotten bigger however I would have to say that on the portion side of things we’re still not quite up there with the U.S.  At Maggiano’s the full size pasta portion is 2lbs of pasta however they do encourage you to order the half which is still very big.  The slice of chocolate fudge cake that came out for dessert would have fed the 8 of us and while it was shaped as a large slice it was the equivalent to a full size cake at home.

I was surprised when a waitress double checked with me when one of the kids ordered a ‘pop’ at breakfast and I think that there is a realisation here too that the vast amount of sugar/sweeteners being swallowed cannot be good for you.

For the remaining week I’m switching from ‘pop’ to water and trying to get some fruit into me (no, toffee apples don’t count!).

One final observation – I do not get warm pretzels and krispy kreme doughnuts.  Til next time, Sheila


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