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Olive & Feta Party Bites

Hello November!!!
September was one-pot month, October was baking month (including the Christmas cake – big back slap for me) and now to November.  November is the build-up month, a time when we begin to anticipate the Christmas festivities and perhaps even plan to host a party at home.
Olive & Feta Bites

My theme for November will be Girls Nights In at Home (though boys are not excluded it just sounds warmer somehow, sorry!).  We’ll be having some easy nibbles to munch on and a couple of tasty dishes that are easy to cook with much of the prep work being done the evening before and (naturally) a spectacular dessert.  You’ll be in enough of a flummox doing a mad last-minute clean up and getting the house ‘respectable’ so simple dishes will be the order of the day.

My posting days are Weds(today) and Fri this week as I’m at the launch of Safefood ‘Salt: Hard to Shake’ project tomorrow.  With that and my recent research into added sugar for Savour Kilkenny I’ll be looking at healthier eating for the new year (won’t we all says you!).  But now is not the time for resolutions and party season is about to begin.  Today’s recipe is more of an assembly than a recipe really.  Basically gather up some tasty bites and pop them on a cocktail stick.  I think I might try a version of these with cranberries or fresh cherries and see how those go down.
You will need:
Feta cheese
Sundried tomatoes
Olives (stoned)
Basil leaves
Olive Oil
Cocktail Sticks
Cube the cheese, halve the olives and roughly chop the sundried tomatoes and basil leaves.
Have fun threading the ingredients onto the coctail sticks in whatever order you like.
Drizzle with olive oil.
This is a fiddly job and takes longer than you think, perhaps pay a small child to do it while you dry your hair!
Til next time, Sheila


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