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Parsley Salsa

Isn’t that Salsa Verde?  Salsa means sauce and can be anything you want it to be, however if it’s a Salsa Verde you’re after then you should really keep it green.  We made some steak sandwiches to bring to the beach on Monday and as it’s the New Year and we’re all being ultra healthy (ha!) I made up this salsa that’s fresh, zingy and feels purifying.  This is my version of Salsa Fresca (fresh).  Is it just me or does anyone else feel that a red chilli is a real zapper?  That heat just has to be killing any nasty bugs and cleansing the system.  Then there’s the parsley.  It can be a garnish, a salad leaf or a component though it rarely makes headlines and you won’t swoon over it on a menu, it has to be the most versatile herb in the world.  Once upon a time, when I was low in iron, post-babies, a nurse recommended that I add parsley to my food and especially the stalks.  Keeping our health in mind why not try bringing fresh herbs and black pepper to the table and leave the salt in the cupboard for a while.  Apparently it takes 4 weeks to adjust your taste buds so it takes a bit of getting used to but the health benefits of cutting salt have been proven (more of which anon). 

Salsa Fresca
You will need:
1 red chilli
Bunch flat leaf parsley
4 or 5 spring onions
Punnet cherry or vine ripened plum tomatoes
Rinse and chop!

The kids are off school this week so I’d better go and check what all that noise downstairs is about! 
Til next time, Sheila.


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