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Bacon, Cheese & Chutney Quesadilla

Ranking up there with omelettes, quesadillas are, in my opinion the perfect standby.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner or as a snack, quesadillas can be anything you want them to be.  This particular version is one that I’ve been having for brunch lately.  Having made a batch of Blackberry & Apple Chutney I’ve been using it on everything and decided to pair it up with some Gubbeen cheese and bacon in a quesadilla with great success.  When I say I’ve been having these for brunch lately, today would be the third day in a row.  Yum, yum & yum.
Bacon, Cheese & Chutney Quesadilla
As I said quesadillas are a great standby and as long as you have some cheese to meld the tortillas together anything else you choose to insert is personal.  Spread them with your favourite pestos, pastes, purees or tapenades or any chutney that is lingering in the fridge.  Fill them with chopped red onion, apple slices, chicken pieces, raisins, jalepenos…anything goes.  What made this version super tasty (besides the chutney) was the fact that I fried up the bacon and then cooked the tortilla in the same pan with all that lovely bacon fat.  Delicious.  When the kids head back to school next week they will be getting the occasional quesadilla in their lunch boxes where the filling might be some tomato puree, slice of ham and grated cheddar.  They’re filling and faster to make than sandwiches. In the meantime I’ll be enjoying mine with blackberry and apple chutney.

Bacon Slices

Grated Cheese
Bacon, Cheese & Chutney Quesadilla 01

Serves 1 hungry person or stretch it to 2 served with a side salad.
You will need:
3 rashers
a little olive/rapeseed oil for frying
2 flour tortillas
blackberry & apple chutney (or any chutney/spread of your choice)
handful grated cheese
Heat the oil in a large frying pan and fry up the rashers.
Generously smear one side of a tortilla with chutney.
Top the chutney with the cooked rashers and then the grated cheese.
Place the second tortilla on top and press down to sandwich it together.
Cook the tortilla in the frying pan on each side until golden brown.
Til next time, Sheila


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