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Sunday Lunch at The Mill Restaurant Blarney

A lot has changed at The Mill Restaurant Blarney over the last 12 months.  They’ve overseen a major redesign to create a bright and airy space that beams a huge welcome to all visitors.  What was once and still is a resting spot for many a foreign tourist in search of an Aran jumper is now also a magnet to the weary worn native in search of a break from the norm.  If you’ve been to Killarney you’ll know the holiday buzz feeling that a stroll down their streets gives off on a warm summer’s evening, well that is what The Mill Restaurant has bottled here too and it exudes a wonderfully relaxed vibe.
A large projector screen plays nostalgic black and white footage of Cork while upbeat but un-intrusive jazzy and modern music plays subtly in the background, the double height ceilings and some exposed brick walls working wonders for the acoustics.
I recently launched my book ‘Gimme the Recipe’ at The Mill Restaurant and it was a great success due in most part to the management and staff whose attention to detail and professionalism I could not speak more highly of.
Gimme the Recipe book launch at The Mills Restaurant Blarney
It was while making arrangements for the launch that I saw the sign for the Sunday Family Meal and I made a mental note to return and give it the Kiely Family road test.
Sunday Roast Sign on Blackboard at The Mills Restaurant Blarney
As you can imagine a large family like ours (8) rarely dines out and the primary reason is of course financial however another reason is the pressure that you can sometimes feel when you take children out to dine.  6 kids equals 12 elbows for jostling and 12 hands for spillages and then there’s the ‘when will our food be ready?’ questions followed by the squabbling if impatience gets half  a chance to set in.
One of the strong pluses for family dining at The Mill Restaurant Blarney is that it is carvery style self-service where you queue up and food is served to you immediately and you gather your own cutlery and ice-water on the way back to your seat.  Sometimes you will be given a number for your order if not immediately available and food will then be brought to your table so there is never a back-log in the queue.
Roast Stuffed Chicken & Veg
Making the assumption that the roast would feed the average family of 4 we ordered two.  8 warm plates were supplied (this got much approval from The Gravy Man) and along came two plump, juicy and stuffed roast chickens on two platters with roast potatoes.  With carving knife and fork provided we set about dishing up to the hungry who were helping themselves to the other vegetables : pea puree, carrot & coriander mash, buttered cabbage and mashed potato (and of course there was also gravy.)
DIY Carving
Dishing Out
Close Up Roast Chicken Veg & Gravy
Sunday Lunch at The Mills Restaurant Blarney on plate
Eight of us were more than adequately fed for an incredible 56 euro with many of us having second helpings and the leftovers making their way home in a doggy bag.  I honestly have not experienced a venue quite like this that provides superb value, relaxed family dining that melds with other couples and diverse groups of travellers.
To the hob-bound and child-tethered I say a visit here for Sunday Lunch will leave you feeling human again. Go try it if you can and I’d love to hear what  you think.
Snapshot of table Til next time, Sheila.
NB: Please note that I was not asked to write this piece and it is honest, unsolicited opinion.


Irish Author - Dubut romantic fiction novel 'Good Enough' published in 2021. 'Gimme Dinner' a collection of 50 great dinner recipes published in 2022. 'Enjoy' published by Mercier Press in 2016 .'Gimme the Recipe' published in 2012. Work in admin of our Food Safety Consultancy business - Industrial Management Systems with my husband Denis.

3 thoughts on “Sunday Lunch at The Mill Restaurant Blarney

  1. Hi Sheila,
    It looks excellent. As on of six kids, I can only remember being on the other side of all that stuff (brother David throwing chips at people in Arnott’s Cafe, brother Paul pouring his Fanta over brother Peter’s head etc.). I think the Mill is better off that we are all grown up now and they only do that stuff when in my house, in front of my children…

  2. Eileen M Hurley
    Hi Sheila
    I am very fussy when it comes to eating out with my family especially for Sunday Lunch I think nobody can cook a roast dinner like myself and I think now my husband and boys feel the same!!!
    However I feel that after reading your article I must go there and see how we get on
    Maybe Sheila they would put on an extra special effort for you when you are such a good cook ?
    I tried your little cheese cakes last evening
    just beautiful
    Thank You
    Will let you know how we get on !!
    Regards Eileen M

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