Lettuce Pesto

Does it sound yeuch to you? Perhaps but it works.
Lettuce Pesto Ingredients
With many a raised bed in Ireland heaving under the weight of unused lettuce it is time to get experimental and use up the glut.  According to STOPFoodWaste almost 50% of salad leaves that are bought are thrown away and I wonder how much of the GIY lettuce ends up being wasted too especially with the novice gardeners out there?  I’m on a learning curve with the growing side of things and having sown all my lettuce seeds at once (rookie mistake) there’s a bounty of leaves ready for picking and there is only so much salad that one can eat.
Use this pesto as you would any other to spruce up a sandwich etc and it’s perfect on Fusilli Summer Chicken or Pesto Quesadilla

Lettuce PestoLettuce Pesto
You will need:
50g pine nuts
50g parmesan
2 garlic cloves
half head butter leaf lettuce washed (or any lettuce leaves)
small handful flat-leaf parsley
200ml rapeseed or olive oil
Dry fry (no oil) the pine nuts in a non-stick pan over  medium heat until lightly toasted (take care, burn easily)
Grate the parmesan
Crush the garlic
Roughly chop the lettuce leaves & parsley
Place everything in a food processor, pour in the oil and blend to desired consistency adding more oil if you prefer it runnier
Til next time, Sheila.

13 thoughts on “Lettuce Pesto

  1. s says:

    This is a wonderful recipe. I was looking around for something to do with lettuce. I substituted walnuts in place of pine nuts. It tastes great.Thank you ❤
    P.S. Approximately how long will this recipe keep in the fridge?

    • sheila kiely says:

      I’m delighted that you are finding the lettuce pesto recipe useful. I would generally keep/use fresh pestos within 2 weeks, it should keep well if you top up with some rapeseed or olive oil.

  2. andria816 says:

    Thank you! I have been desperately scouring the Internet for ways to use up my lettuce without making my family eat 3 salads a day. This sounds perfect!!

    For what it’s worth, I have even made lettuce soup and roasted lettuce (!!!) and they were both also delicious! (The lettuce soup was more like a potato soup, but with 8 cups of garden greens blended in.)

    • sheila kiely says:

      Delighted that you found the lettuce pesto recipe useful! Apologies it took so long for me to reply – life / blog balancing out of kilter for the moment so it’s not getting as much attention for now.

  3. rochelle says:

    Any thoughts on how to make this without pine nuts? Our school has a nut-free policy, and pine nuts are on that list. Thanks!!

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