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I’m enjoying…. in February 2013

I’m enjoying….

….getting back out there and running again after all the glorious indulgences of the Christmas season that for me drags way into January with a seemingly endless supply of chocolates that just can’t be wasted or given away.  As my toes emerged through the front of  yet another pair of asics I’ve treated myself to a new pair as they never let me down.

Asics and Porridge_01_opt
….the perfect porridge.  Obviously from the picture above my oats of favour are Flahavan’s Organic Porridge Oats. My first-born (now 16) is a convert to this deliciously satisfying start to the day and I’m hoping that eventually the rest of the sprogs will follow suit.  I top mine with stewed apple, cinammon & honey.  For a step by step you can follow this link

Apple on Porridge with Honey & Cinnamon_01_opt

….baking with my kids, especially my 11 year old twin boys.  One of our experiments together was an amazing pavlova but sometimes they like to try things all by themselves.  I returned home from the shops recently to find them with a buddy valiantly transferring the mixture of Hummingbird Bakery’s Brooklyn Blackout Cake into tins with removable bases that were starting to leak.  This was quickly rescued into a large tin and cooked altogether. They had adjusted the quantities and the cake base was amazingly moist.  I stepped in and followed the recipe for the Chocolate Custard topping to the letter and while it looks amazing it is quite sickly in texture and not one that I would recommend making! (base is very good though)

Icecream and Blackout Cake_01_opt

….experimenting with flapjacks and justifying the indulgence with the fact that being roughly 40% oats they must be good for me.  I’ve concocted this cranberry, macadamia & chocolate chip version but there’s lots of room to play around with them so I hope you get to experiment yourself soon.

Choc Covered Flapjack CloseUp_01_opt

….looking forward to March & so glad that January and February are almost over.  They’ve been long, bleak and cold months and it’s been very tempting  to roll over and hibernate through them.  Instead I’ve continued to push myself to bikram yoga classes which if you haven’t tried yet I highly recommend.

Talk to you in March! Enjoy, x Sheila


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