Along The Way, a new cafe in Goleen, West Cork

If you’re Irish you’ve heard of The Mizen, you’ve heard of Schull, The Fastnet, Crookhaven and Barleycove Beach but have you heard of Goleen?  I’m often met with a “where’s that?” when I announce that I’m off to Goleen on my holidays and I’ve been returning there every summer since my childhood.  It is as unspoiled a village as you will find in Ireland and the ultimate destination if you’re looking to truly unwind and switch off in West Cork.
Along the Way in Goleen

I’ll go anywhere for a decent cup of coffee and since ‘Along the Way’ has recently opened in Goleen village I’ve been stopping in when I can.  The scones are melt in the mouth delicious (there’s secret or two in there) and freshly baked along with an array of cakes, brownies, cookies and cupcakes by Kate Kelly every morning.
Freshly baked brownies at Along the Way

Freshly baked cakes at Along the Way

Freshly baked cookies at Along the Way, Goleen
Freshly baked scones at Along the Way, Goleen
Fresh baked scone with cream and jam at Along the Way, Goleen
Melt in the mouth scone at Along the Way, Goleen
Delicious cupcakes at Along the Way, Goleen
Delicious sandwich menu at Along the Way, Goleen

With the rising popularity of cycling in Ireland I’ve noticed many are now making their stop-off here for a caffeine hit ‘Along the Way’ to Crookhaven, Mizen, Schull or wherever.  For now it may be a stop-off point but as word spreads it won’t be long until it is the destination.
Excellent Mahers coffee at Along the Way, GoleenWith Best Wishes for every success to Colin and Sarah Jane Moynihan.
‘Til next time,

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Conor Bofin says:

    Delicious looking cakes. I am too hungry to read this.

    1. sheila kiely says:

      being too hungry is a very dangerous thing, loaves of bread are know to disappear 🙂

  2. WolfHound says:

    Looks quality. Wish I could just amble down and catch up over a coffee.Before popping into O Mearas. Or the Pot

    1. sheila kiely says:

      It really is very good Brian! And not to worry, there are years of ambling ahead, once you get over the busy ten or so between now and then….xx

  3. stephen says:

    wife and I plannıng to see from Cork goıng down to Clonakılty then Skıbbereen then Schull/Goleen….?? Does Goleen have any BBs or hotels? We wıll be travelıng by bus all round Ireland.

    1. sheila kiely says:

      Sounds like a great trip Stephen. There’s Heron’s Cove beautifully situated down by the water’s edge in Goleen, short 2 minute stroll from the bus stop Have a great trip., 🙂 Sheila

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