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Chapter 1 (Scrambled Eggs on Toast)

Glancing at the clock she saw that it was almost nine thirty and thought that they had better get a move on if they were ever going to get away for the week-end. Alan was still clueless and the thought of surprising him excited her as she rustled around the kitchen. Eva whipped up a delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs made with real butter and cream, some diced crispy bacon and fresh chopped chives. Chunky brown bread smothered with butter and steaming hot coffee completed the lot.

Creamy Scrambled Eggs with Crispy Bacon & Chives’ (Serves 2)

You will need:

4 eggs, splash cream, knob real butter, 3 rashers of bacon, oil to fry, a few chives.

Lightly beat the eggs and a little cream together in a bowl, using a fork or whisk.
Chop the bacon into pieces using a kitchen scissors and fry until crispy in a little oil.
While the bacon cooks melt the knob of butter in a saucepan over a medium heat, once melted turn up the heat a little and adding in the eggs keep stirring the eggs as they cook, using a wooden spoon or spatula to stop them from sticking.

Meanwhile fry up the rashers in a little oil until crispy.  Once the eggs are cooked serve garnished with the chopped up crispy rashers and snipped chives.

‘Smells wonderful,’ Alan enthused as he entered the kitchen.  He poured himself a mug of coffee, sat on one of the high stools at the counter and buried his nose in the sports section of the paper.

‘Did you notice anything Alan?’ Eva inquired.

‘Hmm, sorry what did you say?’ he replied speaking directly to the Munster Rugby captain in the paper.

‘I said did you notice anything?’ she repeated feeling slightly miffed now.

‘No,’ he said this time lifting his head.  ‘Should I?Oh yeah, your hair is it?  Did you get it done? Yes, it’s lovely.’

Eva smiled brightly as she said ‘Yes Alan, I did get my hair done, but that wasn’t it.  Haven’t you noticed how quiet it is?’

‘What do you mean?’ he replied looking over at her more intently now as he raised a brow.

‘The kids, Alan.  The kids aren’t here.’

‘Why, where are they?’

‘They’re at your mother’s for the week-end and I’ve booked us into SilverBirch House for a night of wining and dining and whatever else you fancy,’ she giggled with a coquettish smile.

‘Oh…., oh, great,’ he replied ‘fantastic, yeah,’ as he began to tuck in to a plate of the rich creamy scrambled egg speckled with chives and crispy bacon. ‘Yum,’ he said, ‘this is delicious.’

‘Glad you like it,’ Eva replied as she watched him consume a forkful of the sublime concoction. There was a satisfaction to be had from preparing and cooking good food and then watching it being savoured and enjoyed. His reaction to the surprise of a weekend away wasn’t quite as enthusiastic as Eva had anticipated though, but things had been sprung on him and Alan really wasn’t a spontaneous or excitable kind of guy. As he sat there enjoying the food she had prepared she decided not to tell him about the plans she had cancelled for the previous evening. There wasn’t any point now anyway and she didn’t want him to think that she had been disappointed.



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