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Pickle It! A recipe for quick pickled red onion.

Have you sometimes bought a bag/net of onions when you really only needed a couple? The remainder sit there in the vegetable rack as you walk past them, day after day, ignoring their existence. You wanted them in your life yet you just let them sit there. Ghosted! …or is it Gaslit? Who knows!

Red onion pickle in a kilner jar

Why not dress them up and show them some love? A dash of something sassy and sharp combined with sweetness will lift the spirits and tantalise your tastebuds. In the process of pickling red onions you will transform their appearance rendering them a vibrant pink.

Red onion pickle on top of beef burger served with coleslaw, paprika seasoned sweet potato fries and a garlic mayo.

Pickled Red Onions Recipe
You will need:
Red Onions
Apple Cider Vinegar or White/Red Wine Vinegar
Honey or Golden Syrup
Peel & slice the onions
Place them in a bowl and splash with some vinegar and pour over some honey/syrup – Use your judgement on quantities as this will depend on how much onion you have. You don’t need to drown them.
Ensure the onions are mixed through and thoroughly moistened – using two forks can help to ensure you’ve separated the onion strands and doused them well.
Store in sterilised jars in the fridge.

Great on burgers.


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