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Feta and Chickpea Salad

Feta and Chickpea Salad

Feta and chickpea saladOne of my daughters is an avid salad lover like myself.  It is my saving grace that I like to stuff my face with healthy salads and vegetables and don’t leave too much room on the plate for huge helpings of carbs.  In a supermarket recently she presented me with an attractive looking tub of salad at an exhorbitant price and a single serving that would be wolfed in less than a minute but I declined the purchase and suggested instead we look at the ingredients and reproduce it in much vaster quantities at home for not much more than the price of the little tub.  I’ve been making it at least once a week and it’s been going down great in BBQ season.  So simple and tasty I hope you’ll give it a go.
Feta and chickpea salad close-up

Feta and Chickea Salad:
You will need:
Rocket leaves
Baby spinach leaves
Bunch spring onions
Handful flat-leaf parsley or coriander
Half a red chilli
2 cloves of garlic
Juice of one lemon
Olive oil
1 x 400g can of chickpeas
1 block of feta
Place the washed leaves in a large salad bowl.
Rinse and chop the spring onion and the parsley or coriander and add to the bowl of leaves.
Finely chop the chilli and mix with minced garlic and the lemon juice and pour this over the leaves with a good drizzling of olive oil.
Drain and rinse the chickpeas and stir these through the salad
Roughly cube / chop the feta and scatter it over the salad
Season with ground sea-salt and black pepper
‘Til next time, Sheila.