Eight Ways with Baked Potatoes – Recipe 6 of 12 from Enjoy!

The humble spud.  A divine medium to be elevated, cajoled, flourished, transformed in whatever direction you chose.  Mash, Champ, Deep-fry, Roast, Gratin, Dauphinoise, Hasselback, Gnocchi, Rosti, Hash, Boxty or as is here kept simple and straightforward baked in its skin until a crispy edible shell beholds a smooth creamy innard that deserves to be adorned….

Irish Cheese Board

The next time you need to stock a cheese board, you can smugly load it with these goodies in the knowledge that they were good enough for HM Queen Elizabeth II.  These 4 Irish cheeses were selected by Ross Lewis of Chapter One (Michelin Star restaurant in Dublin) to serve at the State Dinner held…