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Bulletproof Chocolate {or heavenly morsels to abate the cravings}

‘I need chocolate.’
Fruit and nut bulletproof chocolate
Does that just sound sad, pathetic, weak-willed, the cry of the sugar addict?
Maybe, and if so I’ve spawned 6 little sugar craving monsters of my own who also wail of their ‘need (for) chocolate.’  But that’s not a problem because in my house there’s ALWAYS chocolate.  The stash locations vary, sometimes it’s out in the open on the worktop in the box that says ‘biscuits’ because sometimes the most obvious place is the last place they’ll look.  And I don’t particularly mind sharing the stash, what I do mind is when the last morsel has been raided and I go in search in anticipation only to be met with the vacant and crumpled foil.
bullet proof chocolates

As a well established cynic it’s not in my nature to buy into fads.  Those 10 second soundbites announced like some Gospel as time-fillers on the morning radio with the latest stats on what’s going to kill you or make you live longer – well they just have me raising both eyebrows and rolling my eyes.  So when someone tells me that drinking coffee loaded with fat will have me training my body to burn fat instead of sugars my reaction is a pretty lame ‘meh, I really don’t think so.’  But that’s just me because I’m a cynic and I really don’t like the sound of loading coffee with 2 tbsp coconut oil and 2 tbsp butter and knocking that back for my breakfast.  I won’t be trying it because I like to eat food.

However along the vein of the bulletproofing coffee I was intrigued with a recipe described to me by Rachel my iBrow guru {a girl’s gotta groom}.  Anyway I couldn’t remember the exact quantities she had recommended but the bulletproof chocolates she described to me sounded easy, doable and worth a try.
Tray of bullet proof chocolates

I’m not selling you any promises with these chocolates other than they will really stretch your chocolate bar and with the hiding place being the freezer it’s the last place the kids will look.  With a nod to towards the health brigade I experimented with some additions of various types of nuts and dried fruit, like flaked almonds, macadamia nuts and dried cranberry.
Almond and cranberry choc

They can be eaten straight from the freezer though the flavour is better if you at least let them thaw while you boil the kettle for your coffee.

Bulletproof Chocolate
Makes approx 24 – depends on size of ice-cube trays you use.
You will need:
80g dark chocolate (I used Green & Black 85%)
80g almond butter
80g coconut butter
Nuts & dried fruit optional e.g. macadamia & cranberry
Break the chocolate into a microwave-proof bowl.  Scoop the two butters in on top and microwave for a couple of minutes, stopping every so often to stir until all are combined.
Place a nut and fruit (if using) into ice-cube trays.
Use a jug to pour the chocolate mixture into the ice-cube trays.
Allow to freeze for an hour or more until set.
Enjoy whenever.
‘Til next time, Sheila.