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Foodie trends in Ireland

This morning Bord Bia (The Irish Food Board) posed this question on twitter – “Foodie trends in Ireland…What’s your favourite, what works, what’s new, what needs to stop/continue?”
My answer is continued creativity.  Long live these creative, inspired people with their lightbulb moments and ingenuity.  Creativity never ceases to amaze me, and not just in food, but also in building design, furniture, clothes and even cars; where do the creators get their inspiration? I had never eaten a poppy-seed and orange cookie before last Saturday and in my lifetime I would not have dreamt up that combination but there it was, temptingly packaged in Hassett’s Bakery in Carrigaline.
Hasset's Orange & Poppy Seed Cookies
I love to discover new things and with food businesses diversifying in order to survive, bringing new ranges to the consumer every week, we are being spoiled for choice. As a consumer with a passion for food, this is what I want.  I want to open the door of a bakery or deli in an unknown town and embark on a journey of discovery and that is what’s happening.
A few weeks ago it was in Mallow that I came across the relishes of Springfort Hall and last Saturday I was delighted to find Hassett’s Bakery & Patisserie in Carrigaline.  I discovered the exciting combination of Rhubarb & Vanilla jam amongst others and couldn’t wait to try them out at home.
Hasset's Rhubarb Vanilla Jam & Cookies

Hasset's Chutney on Carrigaline Cheese w' Brown Bread
Hasset's Rhubarb & Tomato Chutney with Carrigaline CheeseNot everything has to be new and there is still room in my shopping basket for long-term favourites too such as ‘Carrigaline Farmhouse Garlic & Herb Cheese’ but I do like to make new finds and applaud those who bring them to our tables.
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  1. That Rhubarb and Tomato Chutney sounds good. I have a lot of Rhubarb in the garden and considering I still have some of last years jam to get through I am looking for a few new rhubarb recipes. I also love Carrigaline cheese-I have some in the fridge so you have put the longing on me for some with crackers – never a good thing to tuck into at this hour of the night!

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