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White Christmas Biscuit Cake

‘When can we have some, when can we have some?’…is what I’m being implored since I iced up this Christmas cake.
White Chocolate Christmas Biscuit Cake
This time last year we would have been admiring a royal icing decorated traditional Christmas Cake which looked equally as beautiful but there’s not much point in admiring something and saying it looks wonderful if nobody is going to eat it.  It’s a fact that lots of children do not have a love of dried fruit and it naturally follows that they are not going to be huge fans of fruit cake and that’s why this year I’m giving them what I know they will eat.  Chocolate!
The recipe for this biscuit cake is more or less the same as the one I did earlier in the year for the Royal Wedding. I’ve taken the egg out as it binds fine without it and I don’t want to take any food safety chances.  To cover the cake I used three 100g bars of white chocolate and this is layered over a melted mars bar topped biscuit cake base.
Chocolate Biscuit Cake in ring
Chocolate Biscuit Cake covered in melted mars

You will need (for the cake):
110g dark chocolate (I used 70% Aine )
110g caster sugar
110g unsalted butter (softened)
225g McVitie’s Rich Tea biscuits
Cake ring – springform release preferably.
Line a baking tray with some parchment paper.
Place the cake ring on the parchment paper – you are not using a cake tin, just the ring of a cake tin with base removed to shape the cake.
Beat the unsalted butter until smooth and then beat in the caster sugar.
In a separate bowl break the biscuits into almond sized pieces.
Melt the dark chocolate and gradually beat it into the butter mixture until smooth.
Add in the broken biscuits and stir well to cover with the cake mix.
Spoon the chocolate biscuit mix into the cake ring and press it down and out to the sides with the back of the spoon.
Place the cake in the fridge to set overnight.
You will need (for the topping):
5 x 58g Mars bars
3 x 100g White Chocolate
Assortment of finger biscuits and sweets to decorate.
Remove the ring from the cake and turn the biscuit cake upside down (as the bottom is smoother – this will now be the top) and place it on a wire cake rack. (Put some parchment paper underneath to catch dripping melted mars & chocolate!)
Cut the Mars bars into small pieces and melt them in a saucepan with a couple of tbsps of water – mixing well to form a smooth topping.
Pour the melted Mars topping onto the biscuit cake and chill it for an hour.
Break the white chocolate bars into small pieces and melt them in a bowl in the microwave.
Pour the melted chocolate over the chilled Mars topped biscuit cake and then carefully move the cake from the wire rack onto a cake display/plate.
Have fun decorating with sweets and finger biscuits.
White Chocolate Christmas Biscuit Cake
Wishing you a wonderful Christmas, Sheila


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    1. Hi Mary, I would make the bases the day before Christmas eve and then decorate on Christmas Eve morning however if you were to make and decorate it a few days before and keep in a cool area maybe loosely covered with cling-film it should be okay.

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