Christmas Day Dessert – Mini Chocolate, Coffee & Baileys Pots

Dessert!! There may not be room after a Christmas Day feast and if that’s the case then these chocolate pots will sit perfectly well in the fridge for a day or two longer if needs be.
Choc Coffee Baileys Pot_opt
I do like the word ‘mini’ though which would imply that you might be able to squeeze one in and the trick will be to make them in tiny little tasting pots e.g. egg or cappuccino cups or sherry glasses.  With a shot of coffee they will hopefully give you the perk up to see you awake through the Christmas movie.

Choc Pots

For the recipe I adapted this one by cutting back a little on the coffee and adding Bailey’s instead.
Alternatively I have another tried and tested recipe here on my blog called Chocolate, Coffee & Almond Mousse which again I recommend making in mini vessels.
Chocolate, Coffee & Almond Mousse
For those who want to go completely into food coma land there’s also this savage Black Forest Roulade – Christmas Log.
Black Forest Roulade
Regardless of what you choose, relax enjoy and please don’t mention calories.  This is Christmas!
x Sheila

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