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Christmas Day – Side Dishes – Red Cabbage & Stuffing

Braised Red Cabbage.  As a supposed ‘foodie’ I should perhaps be slow to admit that I have never had red cabbage as an accompaniment to Christmas Dinner.  I’ve listened over the years as friends and acquaintances raved and swapped recipes and decided at last to give it a go.  As yet I am undecided it as I have to try it with the turkey and trimmings and have only tried it solo so it’s not fair to judge just yet.
Braised Red Cabbage
Red Cabbage Ingredients_01_opt
Chopped Red Cabbage_01_optSo for now this jury is out and I will post back the verdict in a comment after Christmas.  I’d love to know if you think it’s worth the effort?
Here’s a link to a recipe in Red Magazine on-line (I used Joanna Weinberg’s from the December edition of the magazine but that recipe is not available on-line.
I will definitely be looking forward to a traditional parsley, thyme and onion bread stuffing too and I may do another version spruced up with some orange zest and cranberries too.  Here’s an interesting Cranberry, Orange and Walnut version from Goodall’s of Ireland and here’s another alternative recipe for stuffing (there’s a turkey gravy recipe there too) from my blog – Mushroom & Pinenut
On mentioning Goodall’s of Ireland I must also plug their charity cookbook contributed to by Irish Food Bloggers, the digital version is available for download here and would make a welcome stocking filler for your foodie friends at a very unbeatable 2.99!! It’s for charity so go on, go on, go on 🙂
Also please let me know if you’re a red cabbage fan as I’m curious and also what side dishes you’ll be having with your Christmas Feast.
x Sheila


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5 thoughts on “Christmas Day – Side Dishes – Red Cabbage & Stuffing

  1. I am interested to hear how you got on with red cabbage. After much discussion with a friend who loves it about what goes into hers, I decided against it as we are not a family that likes anything too sweet or fruity with meat. We did try something new after reading several articles and surfing the web. We brined the turkey. It was definately more seasoned and moist and seemingly easier to carve. Jury is out about whether it is worth all the messing about with water. Looking forward to trying some of the lovely recipes you posted for christmas

    1. Hope you had a great Christmas 🙂 Re the Red Caggage, now that I’ve had it along with the Christmas Dinner I’d have to say it’s nice, adds another texture but I still can’t see what the fuss is about and can’t imagine that I’ll bother next year!!

      1. Thanks for that about the red cabbage. Don’t think I’ll bother next year. Just made Thai red curry paste from your previous post. Doing a chicken curry with it tomorrow for visitors. Smells lovely

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