Christmas Day Starters – Mini Crab Cakes and Grape & Melon with Mint

Anticipating a long sprawling day of easy entertaining we’ll begin our Christmas feasting with some nibbles and bubbles to ease us in.

Nibbles will be followed (after a break) by two starters.  First up will be these delicious mini crab cakes……
Crab Cakes
…made using Tim Browne, Dingle crab meat

Ted Browne Crab Meat

….to be followed by  the perennial favourite in our house that I always make from Darina Allen’s book ‘A Simply Delicious Christmas.’  The combination of Grape and Melon with Mint make this a refreshingly light palate cleanser leaving taste buds tingled before the mains.  Get that classic ‘Grape and Melon with Mint‘ recipe here.

Christmas StarterI have a recipe for fish cakes in my book ‘Gimme the Recipe” (now available to download in various e formats – get your kindle one here – unashamed plug) which you can adapt by using crabmeat instead of salmon or there’s a great free alternative here with a fantastically tasty lime and chilli vamped mayonnaise.
This year I’m going to prep. the starters the day before – well that’s the plan – the truth will out! …and no, I will not be peeling the grapes 🙂
x Sheila

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